As part of our safety protocol, if you have signed up for a fabric class you will be required to rent or purchase your own fabric for each class. You can bring your own from home or you can rent or purchase from Cirque de Vol by using the form below.

Rentals – $45 for 6 week series
6 Week Rental includes fabric and all necessary rigging hardware. Equipment will be on-site and ready for you when you arrive with your name labeled on it.


Aerial Silks $249: Includes 15 yards of high quality low-stretch fabric and Rescue 8 rigging hardware, (2) Carabiners and a Swivel.

Hammocks $119 – Includes 7.5 yards of of high quality low-stretch fabric, (2) O Rings and (2) Carabiners for rigging.

Carabiners will be made available complimentary for use in-studio.

**Fabric Width ranges from 108-110″, may be stripped to smaller width with enough notice for additional charge.

Buy or Rent Silks For Classes