Cirque de Vol is a creative movement & aerial arts community offering inspiring classes that go beyond nurturing just your physical fitness -they also create opportunities for growth, empowerment and mental clarity.

Professional instruction is provided in a creative and safe community atmosphere on a variety of movement art platforms : aerial fabrics, trapeze, aerial yoga, fitness and dance classes. Stress relieving Health and Wellness offerings include peaceful sound healing meditations, mindfulness, yoga, ecstatic dance and authentic relating games night -just to name a few.

Aerial dance and fitness classes will take you beyond the weight room. These creative and fun movement art forms build confidence, strength, grace, and increase overall flexibility.

The unique challenge of aerial acrobatics provides a low impact, full body workout that also builds an awareness of choreography and form. There are few other forms of exercise that combine elements of performance and self expression with such a body changing workout.

Evening, morning, and weekend offerings are available for adults. After-school programs, circus camps and birthday parties are available for Ages 5+.

Email is the quickest way to reach us. Please use the “Contact Us” form or email Our front reception desk may be reached at 919 615 2484

We look forward to getting to know you!

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